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Elspeth Eastman

Hey there! I’m Elspeth – a voice actor, composer, and gamer. You can hear me as Tristana in League of Legends, Cadence in Crypt of the NecroDancer, Lunais in Timespinner, and various music videos! I’m also the host of Rated E With Elspeth on Twitch and Youtube, where I stream/record even more voice junk on camera.

I absolutely love what I do. Game music/voice work is my passion – it’s so rewarding to hear your recorded work within an interactive setting, and I believe firmly that headphones are a girl’s best friend.

I love meeting new people and undertaking new projects! Let’s do lunch, because lunch is tasty.

Voice acting
Game development

Always happy to hear from you! Feel free to send a message


Latest Projects

League of Legends - Voice of Dragon Trainer Tristana

Falconshield - This is war 4

League of Legends - Official voice of Tristana

Crypt of the NecroDancer

All voices of League of Legends



Selected Projects

Work Experience

2012 - 2015

Voice Credits

Dragon Trainer Tristana – League of Legends, Riot Games (2015)
Tristana Reworked – League of Legends, Riot Games (2015)
Xian Mei – Dead Island: Epidemic, Deep Silver (2015)
Engineer – Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, Versus Evil (2015)
Lunais – Timespinner, Lunar Ray Games (2015)
Matkina – Torment: Tides of Numenera, inXile Entertainment (2015)
Baxter – Emerald, krangGAMES (2015)
Female VO – Dungeonmans, Adventurepro Games (2014)
Commander – Battle Group 2, Bane Games (2014)
Thief/Rogue/Dancer/Assassin – Lionheart Tactics, Emerald City Games (2014)
Cadence – Crypt of the NecroDancer, Brace Yourself Games (2014)
(IGF Finalist – Excellence in Audio/Design)
Additional Sadira/Orchid vocals – Killer Instinct, Microsoft (2014)
Captain/Gunner/Engineer – Guns of Icarus Online, Muse Games (2014)
Allie the Alligator emotes – Where’s My Water, Disney Mobile (2013)
Narrator/Ship’s Robot – The Traveler, Game Loop (2013)
Wood Witch – Pact, Lorestrome Productions (2013)
Demon girl – Shadow Tag, Elvidian Productions (2013)

Music Games

(2015) krangGAMES – i saw her standing there
(2014)  krangGAMES – i saw her across the world
(Canadian Videogame Best Social Game Winner)
(TBA) krangGAMES – Wholesome Family Dinnertime
(TBA) Game Loop – The Traveler
(2013) Adventure Works – Huck Finn’s River Run
(2012) Adventure Works – Trip Harrison: Origins
(2012) Adventure Works – Treasure Island Shootout

Music Misc

(2014) album – i saw her across the world
(2013) album – Return of the Elspeth!
(2012) album – Elspeth! The Musical
Sleepy Ninja Toast – Powerpuff Girls Main Theme remix
Podcast intro – I Do Geek
Sleepy Ninja Toast – Halloween Costumes
Intro, Background themes – Rated E With Elspeth

Interesting Facts

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